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We are seeing evolving trends, interesting technologies coming, and new opportunities. We are focused on disruptive technologies and most of all, Fvturists.

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We are teaming up together with industry experts, Fvturists, entrepreneurs and companies to create a pragmatic and positive impact in society.


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September 05, 2020




Drawing thousands of the world's technology leaders together to learn and do business,

Pivotal technologies lies in the hands of a few mega-corporations, while small companies and individuals struggle to obtain the tools necessary for advancement. Many worry about the displacement of human resource, manifesting itself in lost jobs, lost control, and ultimately our means to provide value in exchange for a living.

Rather than oppose the imminent future, we must acknowledge its effects – positive and negative – and work to improve our situation moving forward. Historically, humankind has always surpassed expectations by embracing change in a constant state of improvement and self-preservation.

Technology is a tool, and the decision ought to lie with us on how to leverage it to better ourselves. Are we going to sit it out, or get involved in our own future?


Drawing thousands of the world's technology leaders together to learn and do business,

As many entrepreneurs, we tend to make the mistake to get too passionate about our ideas and therefore becoming attached and stubborn or defensive.

By sparring, challenging our ideas and belief, we get the chance to see wider perspectives, to reinforce or break our preconceptions, and finally to improve. That’s the most valuable thing from events like ours.


LEVEL UP - Business Pitch

We invite anyone to pitch their idea in the next event. By doing this, we’re enabling entrepreneurs to shape better solutions to solve real problems, and to be involved in something much bigger than us.

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